Cold Weather Fishing

Everywhere you go, some Fisher Folks will always tell you the same old story that that fishing is a great activity only during the warm sunny weather. This is mainly because during cold weather, your boats become winterized, and all your gears, rods and reels are packed up and stored away until spring time comes and finding some real good catch is impossible when the mercury is dipping. But what these people fail to tell you are the logical reasons why fishing during the cold winter months is considered a rewarding and exciting activity. You could just stay warm and cozy indoors while you heat your house with a furnace but where’s the fun in that? Fishing in the cold winter days actually offers more than excitement. Trout Fishing in Winter
It is quite true that it’s hard to catch a fish during winter. Surprisingly, a lot of anglers and bass can be caught during winter because this is the best time of the year, when freshwater fishes group up. This is why, it is quite essential to spend a great deal of time researching, preparing and making the best strategy in catching these fishes especially during the coldest months because that would make the fishing trip extra fun and memorable.
So now that you’ve fixed your mind on fishing during winter time, the first thing that you need to do is to pick the Perfect Spot. By all means, go ahead and find out which locations are ideal for a fishing trip on winter. There are tons of useful tools on the internet that you can make use of that will help you get routed to the best fishing targets. You can also find some useful tips from the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries about local lakes and the types of fish that you can catch there.

Ice Fishing
Once you’ve targeted the perfect fishing spot, it is now time to decide the best time to go fishing. And we’re not talking about planning ahead of time because of busy schedules. We are actually making a decision based on the weather. It would be a wise move to check for the weather forecast in order to determine the most productive days to catch a fish and which days are best to stay lazy and cozy indoor. Weather is an important factor to consider when planning your fishing trip. Some weather conditions such as the passing of a cold front may affect the activity level of fishes. It is a common behavior for fishes and other aquatic animals to become active before the passing of a cold front, and passive after it. The best chances of getting a great catch during winter is by planning a fishing trip before the onset of a cold front.

Pike Fishing in Winter
Once you have familiarized and mastered these two important things, you’ll be amazed at the true excitement that cold weather fishing brings. It will surely be an experience that will make you come back for more.

Luring news

Ahoy thar fish lovers — I once caught a fish that was thiiiiiis big! Ok… maybe not quite so pirate-like for now. Welcome fellow fishermen and women — yeah, that’s better. This is going to be where we host all of Iron Furnace’s news so be sure to check back regularly.

This week I want to cover something very close to my heart and vital to anyone who’s going to go fishing — lurs! That’ right, the odd little things that one hooks onto their… well… hook. Yeah — we know… it is possible to catch fish without lurs… but where is the fun in that? Also… you make your job significantly harder without lurs… so… why not just bite the bullet and use them? I mean… what next? Are you gonna stand one legged in the middle of a lake with a spear waiting for a fish to swim up to you? I think not.

So what lur is best? How long is a piece of fishing line is the answer. Different fish are attracted to different lurs just like not everyone like cheese and crackers — I’m one of them. The biggest challenge one faces when picking a lur is knowing which one to use. There are myriad options and it’s largely down to experience to know which one to use at any given time — they all have a specific function and proper window of application.

Lets cover a few here shall we? Starting with the live stuff:
Worms: We all know what they are so I’ll spare you the description. Now… there is one key advantage for using worms. You can find them anywhere! That’s right. Grab a Tupperware tub and take a walk in a field following some heavy rain. You’ll find loads. What’s great is that they’re amazing bait/lur — fish love them. Another advantage is that they wriggle about, attracting fish to them once you put them on a hook and into the water.

Maggots: Much like the worm description… you should know what these are. They have many of the benefits I mentioned earlier… however, they’re even easier to find than worms. Look for anything that’s rotting, maggots wont be far behind. Check the trash after it’s been left out for a few days. There should be absolutely loads! Scoop them up into your plastic tub and go fishing. You’ll be catching fish in no time.

Grasshoppers: Well… these are good for fishing… and I’ll be honest, you’re better off buying them from a shop. If not, you’re more than welcome to spend hours upon hours 1) looking for them and 2) trying to catch them — good luck! Assuming you’ve gone out to buy them, these little things are ace. Fish cant get enough of them so make sure you’re ready for a busy trip.

That’s all we’ve got for you for now. We’ll do another entry on artificial bates and lurs at a later date. Check back often if you want the latest and greatest. For now, it’s good by for now.